services Overview

We offer force-free, customized services for our furry clients. 


dog walking

Dog walks are typically scheduled between the hours of 10am-4pm, M-F. Walks entail one of our professionals making a personal visit to your home to leash your dog up and take them for a stroll around your neighborhood. A nice mid-day walk gives your dog some extra exercise, a chance to go potty, and some play-time and socialization while you're away! On especially hot or cold days, we’ll do a potty break and playtime/enrichment activities in a safe-temperature space (indoors or in a shady yard, for example).

  • $17 per 15-minute puppy potty break

  • $22 per 30-minute visit

  • $5 per each additional 15 minutes

  • $3 per each additional pet per visit



Overnight boarding is offered on a very limited basis. This small-scale, low-stress service is a homestyle option (fewer than 3 dogs at a time) at Hayley’s home in Lakewood on 1/3 acre property. Dogs must be house trained, comfortable being kenneled for short periods, good with other dogs and be current with their vaccinations. Proof of vaccination is required.

A meet and greet visit is required for new clients before booking to ensure a good fit. For more information & to check availability, please click here.

  • $60 per night

  • $48 per additional dog from the same family (20% off)


Training & Canine enrichment

We offer training and enrichment sessions as available. We focus on offering basic training cues and body language, teaching dogs and people to understand and communicate with one another better.

Canine enrichment sessions are for dogs that need more than a daily walk and involve more than just physical exercise. During the 45-minute sessions, your trainer will go on a short walk to stretch legs and dispel excess energy, then do a variety of activities with your dog which may include, but are not limited to: puzzle games; basic manners, polite leash-walking, and trick training; impulse control; relaxation; nose/scent work; step work; confidence course work; etc. These activities will aim to keep your dog mentally engaged, reinforce good habits, and teach communication skills, which can often prevent or help with a variety of behavioral challenges. All training and enrichment is done through force-free, positive reinforcement methods.

Please contact us for details!

Visits scheduled on the holidays listed below are subject to a $5 holiday fee per visit.  Holidays include Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day.