Boarding, Rates in June, Time to Pet App, Harnesses!

Happy May!

I'm back from vacation this week (thanks for all your flexibility, working with my dates!), and happy to be back! Exciting new announcements to send your way!

Boarding is here!

After many months of preparation and construction, I finally have a dedicated space to board dogs at my home, and I couldn't be more excited! Some of you may recall the boarding service I offered many years ago (2012-14): this is that on steroids! I have an entire 240 square foot room dedicated to all things dog, two large 4x4 kennels, and a dedicated fenced, grassy lawn area out back for dog play, rolling, and hopefully in the future some fun agility equipment, too!


Boarding rates start at $60/night, and 20% off for a second dog from the same family ($48). Dogs will live with me and my two pups Aeris & Yoda like part of the family. They'll be kenneled during nap/calm times or when I cannot be actively supervising, and have free access to the house and yard at all other times.

20190501_110707 (1).jpg

Doggy candidates must be comfortable being in an environment where other dogs are nearby; I do have the capacity to keep dogs separate and set up visual barriers if they don't feel comfortable socializing, but obviously it's ideal if they can get integrated with my boys. Feel free to touch base with me and I'm happy to have you over for a meet and greet/touring session to see if it works for you/your pup(s)! I do also have cats, though they have their own gated-off side of the house (an entire room to themselves AND outdoor cat enclosure) and will typically avoid our doggy guests in there.

I will require current vaccination records for all clients interested in boarding, so please requests bookings early and feel free to email records or send them as an attachment in a message through the Time to Pet App (more info on that below).

You can read more about my Homestyle Boarding and view the availability calendar on the website at

"everything the light touches... is our kingdom" --Simba/Aeris

Rate Changes in June

Starting June 1st, all visit/walks rates will be adjusted to the following, by time:

  • 15-minute visits: $17

  • 30-minute visits: $22

  • 45-minute visits: $27

  • 60-minute visits: $32

Additional pets will still be $3/each per visit.

I may have accidentally charged folks the new rates at some point since January; if so you'll notice that you have a credit on your account. If I did and you don't have a credit, let me know and I'll fix that! New rates will be effective June 1st.

Check out detailed info about services on the website!

Time to Pet, the APP!

By now you all know about and have used the wonderful client portal, but did you know there's an app for that? The app is called Time to Pet and can be downloaded in the Google Play or iOS store, and you can log on with your current account information. You can chat with us directly through the app and receive updates/notifications there, you can request services through the app, and even pay invoices! Everything you can do through the website, you can do through the app.


Here's a link to the App on the Google Play Store and the iOS Store.


Go figure, someone who spends a good portion of their days snapping on and snapping off harnesses and leashes and seeing the way dogs move has some opinions on harnesses! I just wanted to give folks my take on the best walking gear, in my opinion, out there at the moment. I've walked dogs on LOTS of harnesses, and highly suggest everyone have harnesses for their pets for walking as it decreases pressure on the cervical (neck) vertebrae of the spine, not the mention the delicate trachea. However, some of the more popular harnesses today can cause issues over time with the way your pet walks, which can lead to orthopedic issues in the long run. Harnesses that cinch around the chest/front of the shoulders, for example, can cause the dog to learn to walk sort of sideways, and it can become so routine that they continue to walk that way even when the harness is not on them, which can lead to muscle imbalance, overcompensation, and potentially injuries.

There are several brands that are designed with a healthy range of motion in mind. My favorites (and no, I'm not being paid by anyone to endorse them) are the Balance Harness by Blue-9, the Freedom Harness by 2 Hounds Design, and the Front Range Harness by Ruffwear. They can all easily be found through Google. I also find that it's a lot easier to control the dog when walking with these leashes, as they all have front AND back clips which can even be used simultaneously for extra feedback to the dog when walking/training.

why a harness1.jpg

For more information on quality harnesses, check out this great article by the Whole Dog Journal!

Thanks so much as always for trusting me with your pets!



Kindred Canine Newsletter: May 2015

Happy Spring!

Hello to our Kindred Canine family!  We'd like to wish you a happy... Spring?  More like Seattle spring!  It's been a wet one so far and whether your pets love or hate the rain we're happy to get to spend time with them indoors or out!  Plus, the hot summer will be here before we know it.  As always, thank you for your continued support and business over the last 1.5 years!  June 1st will mark 1.5 years since we officially began offering full service pet sitting and dog walking and we couldn't be happier with how the business has grown.  Thank you so much for trusting us with your beloved fur babies!  They truly are a part of our extended fur-family.

New Services/Rates


Starting August 1st, we will be adjusting our rates for the first time since we started.  The new rates will go into affect for future clients starting immediately, but for all of our long-time clients we wanted to give you at least two months notice.  You'll find our rates remain on-par with or below much of the average industry rates.  And you're not just getting pet sitters with Kindred Canine, as all of us are experienced animal behavior specialists with extensive experience and education.  Your pets are in great hands!

What's New?

Kitty Visit: The kitty visit will be a 15-20 minute drop-in for those clients who just need a quick kitty check in while they're out of town.  

5% Monthly discount:  For those clients who book and choose to pay monthly for regular walks, you will now be receiving 5% off their bill!  

10% off second boarding pooch:  If you're boarding more than one pooch, we'll watch the second one for 10% off!  Applies for Homestyle Boarding only.

Starting August 1st, our new rates menu will be as follows:

Dog Walks (M-F, between 10am-4pm)

  • $19 per 30-min walk
  • $24 per 45-min walk
  • $29 per 60-min walk
  • 5% discount when you book/pre-pay for a month

Pet Sitting Visits (vacation sitting)

  • $13 per 15-min KITTY visit (litter clean, feeding & petting!)
  • $20 per 30-min drop-in visit
  • $25 per 45-min drop-in visit
  • $30 per 60-min drop-in visit
  • $70 per Overnight (12 hour) visit
  • $90 per Overnight w/ mid-day visit

Homestyle Boarding (@ Hayley's aka Camp Kindred Canine)

  • $50 per day
  • 10% off an additional dog (if both boarding together)

Effective immediately, we will be adding two new fees:

  • $5 additional care fee
    This will be added on a case-by-case basis for pet sitting visits that go above and beyond the normal services described above.  Basic pill administration is always free, but if visits include regular injections, complex medication administrations, laundering of bedding/other house cleaning, or additional hygienic care, this fee will apply per visit.
  • $5 convenience fee
    If visits are requested with less than 24-hours notice, assuming we have availability, a $5 convenience fee will be added.  We generally try and make sure our schedules are set usually a week in advance.  We're happy to accommodate when we can, but last minute is often a little inconvenient; thus the convenience fee!  Please be sure to book ahead as early as possible so we can ensure that we can help you!  :)

Client of the Quarter!

We'd love to introduce you all to sweet Miss Moms, the Cairn Terrier!  Her full name is Lil' Mama, but she goes by Moms to her friends!  She is a sweet little gal who just loves going for afternoon walks around her neighborhood.  She gets super excited whenever she meets other dogs, and also loves to show off all her toys when we get home.  She's a sassy little girl, and when there's a thunderstorm, she runs around and barks at the sky to tell it who's boss!  We love our friend Moms and are happy to get to spend time with her every week!

Thank you as always for your continued support!  As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, or just to say hi!  We ️‍ your feedback, and we ️‍ your pets!
Hayley, Sarah, & Darby

Special New Year Updates

Happy New Year!

We'd like to extend a warm THANK YOU!  to all of our wonderful clients, furry and human, for making our first official year as a new pet sitting/dog walking business an incredible success!  We've had our ups and downs, but ultimately we had a wonderful time taking care of your furbabies all year and we feel so incredibly lucky to be doing what we love!  We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and we're looking forward to an even brighter 2015 with you and your pets!

Happy New Pet Sitters!

Exciting announcement: we're growing!  We've officially hired two new members to our team, in addition to our wonderful pet sitter Monae Byrne who joined us last May.  Please help us in welcoming Ashley Kennedy and Darby Maloney to our Kindred Canine family!  They are both well experienced in caring for pups in a kind and loving fashion and they're both well versed in dog behavior and certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.  They are also fully bonded and insured with Kindred Canine and so excited to help care for your pets!  We may be having either of them shadow particular visits in the coming days for training purposes/back-up coverage.  Please let us know if you'd like to schedule a meet and greet to meet them!  You can learn more about them on the "About" section of our website.

Happy New Website!

Whew!  So much new stuff!  Speaking of the website, as of today we've officially launched our spiffy new one!  It's still located at, but has a new format and layout and showcases some really gorgeous photos of our adorable clients!  Check it out and let us know what you think!  You can also find details about all of our services and rates, and keep up to date with our blog as well.  

Don't forget to follow us on:    

Thank you for your business!
Hayley & Sarah,
Monae, Darby, and Ashley!

Kindred Canine Newsletter: Holidays 2014

Holiday Openings

We hope you and yours are enjoying the holiday season, and we'd like to let everyone know we've got some last-minute openings!  If you're looking for boarding or overnights, or even just drop in visits over Christmas week, we'd love to hear from you!  Contact Sarah ( or Hayley ( for details/scheduling!

Holiday Cancellation?

Also, for those of you who schedule weekly walks, please remember to let us know in advance if you'll be cancelling walks during the holiday week, and specifically which days.  This is a friendly reminder that we do require a full week's notice for cancellations of holiday bookings!

Quarterly Newsletters

In case you hadn't noticed, we're not sending monthly newsletters anymore.  We'll be sending out newsletters about once every quarter, to keep everyone abreast of any changes!  We'll likely be sending out a newsletter earlier in the new year, also.  Thanks for your patience!

We wish you a wonderful holiday season, and look forward to snuggling with your fuzzy family members soon!

Client of the Quarter

We are happy to announce Violet the sweet schnauzer as our client of the quarter

Violet is super sweet and LOVES belly rubs!  She's not a big fan of skateboards and isn't afraid to let them know.  She knows several tricks but the most adorable is her "speak."  She does the cutest little howl!  She enjoys long walks as long as it is warm enough and she hates to be bundled up.  Her favorite snacks are snap peas and carrots!

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Thank you for your business!
Hayley, Sarah, & Monae

Kindred Canine, LLC

Kindred Canine Updates: July/August 2014

Back to School Time!

Summer vacation is already coming to a close and everyone is getting ready for the fast approaching Fall!  There is still lots of summer (the season) left, though, so don't get too upset yet!  We're still taking extra care on these hotter days with our walks and keeping everyone well hydrated!  Enjoying this weather while it lasts! :

Holiday Planning, Already?!

As usual, we'd like to remind everyone to plan ahead if you're hoping to book pet sitting for the holidays!  We have already begun to schedule bookings as far out as December/January, so let us know your plans as soon as possible!  

Online Photos

Don't forget about Facebook!  For those of you not aware, we post daily photos to our Facebook page at  If you ever need a mood boost, looking at photos of all our cute dog and kitty clients is sure to cheer you up! :)

Client of July/August!

We are happy to announce Marley the Weimaraner as Client of the Month! 

Marley is a sweet boy who just loves to nap on the couch and watch his soaps, or, more likely, PBS!  He doesn't take very long walks anymore due to his older age, but he still has a wonderful personality and a great family that takes excellent care of him!  On hot days he likes to wander around and sniff in the grass in his back yard.  On cooler days he loves getting out and checking out the neighborhood!  He loves his toys and he especially loves treats!  Apples, sweet potatoes and bananas are on his list of favorites.

We love Mr. Marley and his great family too.  Thanks for making us a part of your lives! :)

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Thank you for your business!
Hayley, Sarah, & Monae

Kindred Canine Updates, June 2014

Happy Summer!

The days are getting hotter and we are packing water bottles and taking more breaks in the shade on our daily walks with the pups... yep, it's summer!  We were happy to ring in the solstice over the weekend and hope you are able to get in some fun summer days, especially with your pets!  

Summer holidays are fast approaching!

With the 4th of July weekend right around the corner, we'd like to let clients know that NOW is the time to book for pet sitting!  We only have a few places left, and they're likely to fill quickly.  We cannot guarantee availability.  

Also, be sure to be careful with your pets during this holiday, it's often best to leave them home and indoors on the 4th as the fireworks can be much too overwhelming for many pets.  Classical music, Thundershirts, a quiet, safe space and lots of love are always helpful for our more noise-phobic furry friends.  

PO Box issues resolved

For those of you who have sent us remittance/forms via our PO box mailing address (PO Box 40450, Denver, 80204), you may have gotten returned mail in the past months.  We've finally figured out the issue--apparently there was a mix up at the post office and they only had our personal names applied to the box, not the business name.  The business name is now registered to that address, and the issue should be corrected!  We apologize for any inconvenience!

Client of the Month!

We are happy to announce Cache the Belgian Tervuren as Client of the Month! 

Cache is a long time client of ours who has participated in daily dog walks, training sessions, and boarding as well!  He is a hilarious boy with lots of energy and is always looking to have a good time!  He absolutely loves to play fetch, and if a hose is involved on a hot day he loves to jump through the air and chase the spray!  He is a joy to spend time with and has come very far with his training.  He is also an expert cuddler, and all that fluffy fur of his certainly helps!  

He is a happy go lucky boy and has a great family that loves him very much, including his extended family here at Kindred Canine.  Thanks, Cache!  

Thank you for your business!
Hayley & Sarah

Client Updates May 2014!

Happy May!

You wouldn't know it after the spring snow yesterday, but spring has sprung and we've been enjoying this past month of lovely weather for walks and visits with your pets!  It's been a busy, busy month and as the weather gets warmer everyone's looking forward to summer!  Summer is a busy time in the pet sitting world, so if you're making plans or already have some and you're thinking of us to watch your pets while you're away, please let us know soon, as we're likely to book up quickly!  Remember, you can always find our rates and details for our services on the website at

New Team Member!

We're delighted to announce that we've added a new member to our team!  In addition to Sarah and I (Hayley), please welcome Monae Byrne to Kindred Canine!  She has been a dog and animal lover her entire life and brings a wealth of experience and lots of love to the business!  She was recently certified in Pet First Aid & CPR through PetTech, and is shown here with her own dog Hoodlum, a 4 year old husky.  She'll be assisting and helping cover days off and pet sitting visits and overnights.  We are so excited to have her on board!  You can read more about her on our website at

Client of the Month

We are happy to announce Maddy the Golden Doodle as Client of the Month! 

Maddy is a sweet, young Golden Doodle who loves to lounge in the grass on hot days and roll in the snow on chilly days.  She absolutely lives to play fetch and has an excellent retrieve!  She has a charming personality and the softest curls thanks to her poodle ancestry!  She also has an adorable toothy smile.

She has been a loyal Kindred Canine client and we're all very fond of her.  Thanks Maddy and your awesome family for being a part of the Kindred Canine family!  We look forward to many more fun times with you!

Thank you for your business!
Hayley & Sarah
Kindred Canine, LLC

Got a new puppy? Take a look at this checklist!

New Puppy Checklist!

By Hayley Griffen


The decision to adopt a new canine family member should never be made impulsively.  When you make the decision to bring a puppy into your home, you're making a commitment to a creature who could live anywhere from six years to their twenties, depending on the breed/health/genetics of the dog.  This pup will be fully dependent on you for the basics like food, water, and shelter, and not to mention love and affection, appropriate training, regular veterinary check-ups and care, and daily structure and exercise activities, among other things!  For those who have experienced it, the love and companionship you receive in return is more than worth it!  In this article I'll cover some of the most asked about and important training concerns for owners with a new puppy in the family!


Set your puppy up for success!  As a new creature to this world, not just to your family, your puppy is a sponge for information.  Housetraining is not exactly natural for a dog, so we cannot blame them for doing something that comes naturally to them.  However, if given the choice, a puppy prefers not a soil an area they eat and/or sleep within.  This gives us the opportunity to limit where they stay in the house until they are trained (i.e. only in smaller spaces where they sleep/eat until they are reliable).

Puppies have very small bladders and have not yet developed the physiology to control them fully.  Expect to be letting your puppy out every hour or two in the beginning, and especially after they:

  • eat a meal
  • drink water
  • finish playing
  • get excited about anything
  • wake up from a nap
  • meet a new person
  • meet a new dog 
  • etc.

You must be ever-present and ready to take your puppy outside when they show signs of needing to potty (wandering off, sniffing around at the floor, circling a particular area, etc.).  If ever you are unable to be hawk-like in your supervision of the puppy, be sure to confine them somewhere safe and comfortable, such as a cozy crate or puppy pen, or even a gated off laundry or bathroom.  Simply don’t give your pup the opportunity to potty in inappropriate areas until they are fully potty trained, and you’ll be setting them up for success!  Also, remember to reward them heavily (treats & praise) when they do eliminate in the right place; focus on the good behaviors, and you’ll get more of them!


This is a big one, and one that is often overlooked or under-trained.  Your puppy may have an excellent temperament and great bloodlines, but without proper socialization you may run into behavioral issues in the future.

According to Dr. Ian Dunbar in his book "Before and After Getting your Puppy;" your puppy should meet and have good experiences with at least 100 different people by the time they reach 3-months of age.  This is because the “imprinting” phase of brain development for most puppies starts at around 6-8 weeks, and starts to end at around 12 weeks, so time is of the essence to getting your pup comfortable with people!

Puppies should meet people of all different genders, ages (lots of children), sizes, ethnicities, and personalities.  Introduce your pup to people wearing hats and sunglasses, people jogging/running, people on bikes and skateboards, baby strollers, and people playing rowdy games (like soccer/basketball).  At this age your pup is more open-minded and receptive, so-to-speak, to new experiences.  Nonetheless, strive to make each meeting a fun experience so that they create a positive association with meeting people.  Use a happy tone of voice, have the stranger give the pup praise/petting/treats, etc.

It is also important to introduce your pup to new environments: expose them to walking over gravel, grass, concrete, metal grates, up/down stairs, rides in the car, trips to the vet, etc.   Also, expose them to as many friendly, healthy dogs as you can.  There are also many opportunities for free puppy socialization groups and meet-ups in most cities; just be sure to keep your puppy from getting overwhelmed.  You want ultimate exposure without scaring them--so always bring treats, praise, and play!

Bite inhibition

This topic is close to my heart, as sadly I have seen many shelter dogs in shelters sometimes primarily due to this issue.  Bite inhibition is a skill many puppies learn from playing with their littermates.  When one puppy bites too hard, the other puppy will “yelp” and stop playing the game.  The biting offender learns, quite quickly, that biting too hard makes the fun stop, so they learn to inhibit how hard they nip.  This is an incredibly important skill, one that is sometimes hindered by well-intended rough housing play with excited new puppy-owners.  Rough housing with your pup is encouraged and is an excellent way to bond with your pup, but be sure to not reward biting behaviors, or teeth-on-skin.  Many dogs, especially larger breeds, will grow up thinking that it’s okay to mouth and use their teeth on skin.  This can, unfortunately, turn into rude nipping/biting behaviors that are simply not as cute, and can be downright dangerous (especially with children) once a dog is full grown.

If your dog is nipping/mouthing while playing, keep a bite-appropriate toy close at hand to replace your hand/arm for when they get that way.  Reward them for biting the toy, and stop playing or calm the play down if they touch teeth-to-skin.  Be consistent!

Basic Obedience

Obedience training is an excellent way to bond with your pet and set them up for success in the future.  It increases your ability to communicate with your dog, therefore avoiding behavioral issues that can occur due to us just expecting dogs to know what we want.  They aren't mind readers, and as human like as they may be sometimes, they aren't human, either!  When we learn to talk to them in their language and respect their dogginess, we increase the likelihood of a successful and communicative lifelong relationship with them.

Positive reinforcement training is a great way to build a relationship with any dog.  It is based on learning theory described by B.F. Skinner, and works on people and other animals as much as it does with dogs.  It’s scientifically based, and best of all, a humane and effective way to train.  The essence of training is to teach your dog that when they perform a behavior that they like, they will get rewarded for it.  When they perform behaviors that you dislike, they will not get any rewards to speak of.  This requires identifying what things your individual dog finds to be rewarding; be it food rewards, exercise, love, play, etc.  Identify what your dog finds rewarding, and use that to your advantage!

Adding a puppy to your life can be one of the most exciting, rewarding experiences of one's life, if done right.  We hope you enjoy your time with your new addition!


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Which Dogs Live Longest?

Clients of the Month: April!

We're excited to introduce everyone to Bourbon and Spy, our sweet Aussie regular dog walk clients!

Spy is a lovely, sassy & sweet purebred Australian Shepherd who likes to strut her stuff on walks!  She's very well trained and very sweet and loving when she gets to know you!

Bourbon is a goofy, silly boy who loves his belly rubs and his sister Spy very much.  They love going on walks together, and afterwards are usually ready for a rough-and-tumble play session!


When these two sweeties aren't in your lap cuddling, they're sitting patiently for one of their other favorite things: treats!  We love Spy & Bourbon and would like to thank them and their wonderful parents for being a part of the Kindred Canine family!

Client of the Month: March!

February came and went in a flash for us; things have been so busy and we're so thankful for all of our clients helping us to stay that way!  We'd like to welcome several new clients and a couple of returning clients that came to us in February, also!  Welcome to Bebe the Miniature Pinscher; Gino the Italian Spinone; Lil' Mama (aka "Moms") the terrier mix; Henry the Mastiff/Bulldog mix; Cricket & Maggs the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix & Norfolk terrier mix; and Mr. Hoodlum the husky!  And as always, thanks to ALL of our clients for trusting us with your beloved furry ones!  We love spending time with them! It's a little late this month, but if you'll forgive us, we'd like to introduce our March Clients of the Month: Lucy, Quixote blue and Domingo!

Domingo and Lucy are older pups, but still so full of love!  Lucy is a a Shih Tzu and LOVES to have behind her ears scratched!  She always has her tail dyed a funky color and has quite the selection of fashionable coats and sweaters, too.  Domingo is Chow/Newfie mix and incredibly sweet.  He is a little reserved, but once he opens up is such a lover!  He is also pretty fashionable with his lion cut.  Their mom is a groomer so they get professional treatment!

Quixote blue is also a bit older and her birthday is coming up soon!  She's a Shepard/lab mix and her mom found her roaming the streets at 1:30 in the morning!  She is also super sweet and lovey, especially considering she may have had a rough beginning to her life.

We are so thankful to have these three sweeties and their wonderful, caring parents as our clients!  Thank you for being a part of the Kindred Canine family!

Very Warmly, Hayley & Sarah