homestyle Boarding

I offer homestyle dog boarding, as available, to dog/cat/human friendly dogs in my home in Lakewood, CO.  A limited number of dogs (up to 2, potentially 3 if they’re all smaller dogs) stay with me and live as my own pets do while you’re away. They stay safely in large 4x4 kennels and listen to Through a Dog’s Ear relaxing pet music and sleep on cozy elevated beds when not being actively supervised, and have free access to the house and large, fenced, grassy yard when supervised. Existing clients are prioritized for bookings, but otherwise bookings are first come, first served. See calendar for availability below.

Dogs must be house trained, dog friendly (or at least tolerant), comfortable spending short periods of time in a kennel, and not capable of jumping a 6-foot fence.

  • $60 per night

  • $48 per additional dog from the same family (20% off)

  • $5 extra for holidays

“everything the light touches… is our kingdom” —Aeris

“everything the light touches… is our kingdom” —Aeris

For questions or to check availability, please inquire here.