Kindred Canine Updates, June 2014

Happy Summer!

The days are getting hotter and we are packing water bottles and taking more breaks in the shade on our daily walks with the pups... yep, it's summer!  We were happy to ring in the solstice over the weekend and hope you are able to get in some fun summer days, especially with your pets!  

Summer holidays are fast approaching!

With the 4th of July weekend right around the corner, we'd like to let clients know that NOW is the time to book for pet sitting!  We only have a few places left, and they're likely to fill quickly.  We cannot guarantee availability.  

Also, be sure to be careful with your pets during this holiday, it's often best to leave them home and indoors on the 4th as the fireworks can be much too overwhelming for many pets.  Classical music, Thundershirts, a quiet, safe space and lots of love are always helpful for our more noise-phobic furry friends.  

PO Box issues resolved

For those of you who have sent us remittance/forms via our PO box mailing address (PO Box 40450, Denver, 80204), you may have gotten returned mail in the past months.  We've finally figured out the issue--apparently there was a mix up at the post office and they only had our personal names applied to the box, not the business name.  The business name is now registered to that address, and the issue should be corrected!  We apologize for any inconvenience!

Client of the Month!

We are happy to announce Cache the Belgian Tervuren as Client of the Month! 

Cache is a long time client of ours who has participated in daily dog walks, training sessions, and boarding as well!  He is a hilarious boy with lots of energy and is always looking to have a good time!  He absolutely loves to play fetch, and if a hose is involved on a hot day he loves to jump through the air and chase the spray!  He is a joy to spend time with and has come very far with his training.  He is also an expert cuddler, and all that fluffy fur of his certainly helps!  

He is a happy go lucky boy and has a great family that loves him very much, including his extended family here at Kindred Canine.  Thanks, Cache!  

Thank you for your business!
Hayley & Sarah