Boarding, Rates in June, Time to Pet App, Harnesses!

Happy May!

I'm back from vacation this week (thanks for all your flexibility, working with my dates!), and happy to be back! Exciting new announcements to send your way!

Boarding is here!

After many months of preparation and construction, I finally have a dedicated space to board dogs at my home, and I couldn't be more excited! Some of you may recall the boarding service I offered many years ago (2012-14): this is that on steroids! I have an entire 240 square foot room dedicated to all things dog, two large 4x4 kennels, and a dedicated fenced, grassy lawn area out back for dog play, rolling, and hopefully in the future some fun agility equipment, too!


Boarding rates start at $60/night, and 20% off for a second dog from the same family ($48). Dogs will live with me and my two pups Aeris & Yoda like part of the family. They'll be kenneled during nap/calm times or when I cannot be actively supervising, and have free access to the house and yard at all other times.

20190501_110707 (1).jpg

Doggy candidates must be comfortable being in an environment where other dogs are nearby; I do have the capacity to keep dogs separate and set up visual barriers if they don't feel comfortable socializing, but obviously it's ideal if they can get integrated with my boys. Feel free to touch base with me and I'm happy to have you over for a meet and greet/touring session to see if it works for you/your pup(s)! I do also have cats, though they have their own gated-off side of the house (an entire room to themselves AND outdoor cat enclosure) and will typically avoid our doggy guests in there.

I will require current vaccination records for all clients interested in boarding, so please requests bookings early and feel free to email records or send them as an attachment in a message through the Time to Pet App (more info on that below).

You can read more about my Homestyle Boarding and view the availability calendar on the website at

"everything the light touches... is our kingdom" --Simba/Aeris

Rate Changes in June

Starting June 1st, all visit/walks rates will be adjusted to the following, by time:

  • 15-minute visits: $17

  • 30-minute visits: $22

  • 45-minute visits: $27

  • 60-minute visits: $32

Additional pets will still be $3/each per visit.

I may have accidentally charged folks the new rates at some point since January; if so you'll notice that you have a credit on your account. If I did and you don't have a credit, let me know and I'll fix that! New rates will be effective June 1st.

Check out detailed info about services on the website!

Time to Pet, the APP!

By now you all know about and have used the wonderful client portal, but did you know there's an app for that? The app is called Time to Pet and can be downloaded in the Google Play or iOS store, and you can log on with your current account information. You can chat with us directly through the app and receive updates/notifications there, you can request services through the app, and even pay invoices! Everything you can do through the website, you can do through the app.


Here's a link to the App on the Google Play Store and the iOS Store.


Go figure, someone who spends a good portion of their days snapping on and snapping off harnesses and leashes and seeing the way dogs move has some opinions on harnesses! I just wanted to give folks my take on the best walking gear, in my opinion, out there at the moment. I've walked dogs on LOTS of harnesses, and highly suggest everyone have harnesses for their pets for walking as it decreases pressure on the cervical (neck) vertebrae of the spine, not the mention the delicate trachea. However, some of the more popular harnesses today can cause issues over time with the way your pet walks, which can lead to orthopedic issues in the long run. Harnesses that cinch around the chest/front of the shoulders, for example, can cause the dog to learn to walk sort of sideways, and it can become so routine that they continue to walk that way even when the harness is not on them, which can lead to muscle imbalance, overcompensation, and potentially injuries.

There are several brands that are designed with a healthy range of motion in mind. My favorites (and no, I'm not being paid by anyone to endorse them) are the Balance Harness by Blue-9, the Freedom Harness by 2 Hounds Design, and the Front Range Harness by Ruffwear. They can all easily be found through Google. I also find that it's a lot easier to control the dog when walking with these leashes, as they all have front AND back clips which can even be used simultaneously for extra feedback to the dog when walking/training.

why a harness1.jpg

For more information on quality harnesses, check out this great article by the Whole Dog Journal!

Thanks so much as always for trusting me with your pets!