Kindred Canine Updates: July/August 2014

Back to School Time!

Summer vacation is already coming to a close and everyone is getting ready for the fast approaching Fall!  There is still lots of summer (the season) left, though, so don't get too upset yet!  We're still taking extra care on these hotter days with our walks and keeping everyone well hydrated!  Enjoying this weather while it lasts! :

Holiday Planning, Already?!

As usual, we'd like to remind everyone to plan ahead if you're hoping to book pet sitting for the holidays!  We have already begun to schedule bookings as far out as December/January, so let us know your plans as soon as possible!  

Online Photos

Don't forget about Facebook!  For those of you not aware, we post daily photos to our Facebook page at  If you ever need a mood boost, looking at photos of all our cute dog and kitty clients is sure to cheer you up! :)

Client of July/August!

We are happy to announce Marley the Weimaraner as Client of the Month! 

Marley is a sweet boy who just loves to nap on the couch and watch his soaps, or, more likely, PBS!  He doesn't take very long walks anymore due to his older age, but he still has a wonderful personality and a great family that takes excellent care of him!  On hot days he likes to wander around and sniff in the grass in his back yard.  On cooler days he loves getting out and checking out the neighborhood!  He loves his toys and he especially loves treats!  Apples, sweet potatoes and bananas are on his list of favorites.

We love Mr. Marley and his great family too.  Thanks for making us a part of your lives! :)

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Thank you for your business!
Hayley, Sarah, & Monae