Kindred Canine Newsletter: May 2015

Happy Spring!

Hello to our Kindred Canine family!  We'd like to wish you a happy... Spring?  More like Seattle spring!  It's been a wet one so far and whether your pets love or hate the rain we're happy to get to spend time with them indoors or out!  Plus, the hot summer will be here before we know it.  As always, thank you for your continued support and business over the last 1.5 years!  June 1st will mark 1.5 years since we officially began offering full service pet sitting and dog walking and we couldn't be happier with how the business has grown.  Thank you so much for trusting us with your beloved fur babies!  They truly are a part of our extended fur-family.

New Services/Rates


Starting August 1st, we will be adjusting our rates for the first time since we started.  The new rates will go into affect for future clients starting immediately, but for all of our long-time clients we wanted to give you at least two months notice.  You'll find our rates remain on-par with or below much of the average industry rates.  And you're not just getting pet sitters with Kindred Canine, as all of us are experienced animal behavior specialists with extensive experience and education.  Your pets are in great hands!

What's New?

Kitty Visit: The kitty visit will be a 15-20 minute drop-in for those clients who just need a quick kitty check in while they're out of town.  

5% Monthly discount:  For those clients who book and choose to pay monthly for regular walks, you will now be receiving 5% off their bill!  

10% off second boarding pooch:  If you're boarding more than one pooch, we'll watch the second one for 10% off!  Applies for Homestyle Boarding only.

Starting August 1st, our new rates menu will be as follows:

Dog Walks (M-F, between 10am-4pm)

  • $19 per 30-min walk
  • $24 per 45-min walk
  • $29 per 60-min walk
  • 5% discount when you book/pre-pay for a month

Pet Sitting Visits (vacation sitting)

  • $13 per 15-min KITTY visit (litter clean, feeding & petting!)
  • $20 per 30-min drop-in visit
  • $25 per 45-min drop-in visit
  • $30 per 60-min drop-in visit
  • $70 per Overnight (12 hour) visit
  • $90 per Overnight w/ mid-day visit

Homestyle Boarding (@ Hayley's aka Camp Kindred Canine)

  • $50 per day
  • 10% off an additional dog (if both boarding together)

Effective immediately, we will be adding two new fees:

  • $5 additional care fee
    This will be added on a case-by-case basis for pet sitting visits that go above and beyond the normal services described above.  Basic pill administration is always free, but if visits include regular injections, complex medication administrations, laundering of bedding/other house cleaning, or additional hygienic care, this fee will apply per visit.
  • $5 convenience fee
    If visits are requested with less than 24-hours notice, assuming we have availability, a $5 convenience fee will be added.  We generally try and make sure our schedules are set usually a week in advance.  We're happy to accommodate when we can, but last minute is often a little inconvenient; thus the convenience fee!  Please be sure to book ahead as early as possible so we can ensure that we can help you!  :)

Client of the Quarter!

We'd love to introduce you all to sweet Miss Moms, the Cairn Terrier!  Her full name is Lil' Mama, but she goes by Moms to her friends!  She is a sweet little gal who just loves going for afternoon walks around her neighborhood.  She gets super excited whenever she meets other dogs, and also loves to show off all her toys when we get home.  She's a sassy little girl, and when there's a thunderstorm, she runs around and barks at the sky to tell it who's boss!  We love our friend Moms and are happy to get to spend time with her every week!

Thank you as always for your continued support!  As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, or just to say hi!  We ️‍ your feedback, and we ️‍ your pets!
Hayley, Sarah, & Darby