Kindred Canine Newsletter: Holidays 2014

Holiday Openings

We hope you and yours are enjoying the holiday season, and we'd like to let everyone know we've got some last-minute openings!  If you're looking for boarding or overnights, or even just drop in visits over Christmas week, we'd love to hear from you!  Contact Sarah ( or Hayley ( for details/scheduling!

Holiday Cancellation?

Also, for those of you who schedule weekly walks, please remember to let us know in advance if you'll be cancelling walks during the holiday week, and specifically which days.  This is a friendly reminder that we do require a full week's notice for cancellations of holiday bookings!

Quarterly Newsletters

In case you hadn't noticed, we're not sending monthly newsletters anymore.  We'll be sending out newsletters about once every quarter, to keep everyone abreast of any changes!  We'll likely be sending out a newsletter earlier in the new year, also.  Thanks for your patience!

We wish you a wonderful holiday season, and look forward to snuggling with your fuzzy family members soon!

Client of the Quarter

We are happy to announce Violet the sweet schnauzer as our client of the quarter

Violet is super sweet and LOVES belly rubs!  She's not a big fan of skateboards and isn't afraid to let them know.  She knows several tricks but the most adorable is her "speak."  She does the cutest little howl!  She enjoys long walks as long as it is warm enough and she hates to be bundled up.  Her favorite snacks are snap peas and carrots!

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Thank you for your business!
Hayley, Sarah, & Monae

Kindred Canine, LLC