Clients of the Month: February!

This month we're happy to nominate Zooey & Roxy, our long-time walk clients, as our monthly stars!

Zooey is a sassy Shar-pei/Basset Hound mix, who absolutely loves her belly rubs and loves to give kisses! She is very outgoing and friendly and loves using her hound-dog nose to sniff around the neighborhood on our daily walks.  She also loves playing with her buddy Roxy, and gives some great puppy-dog-eyes when she knows treats are coming!

Roxy is a lovely Australian Kelpie. She was a little shy at first but has come to get VERY excited when it's time for her mid-day walk!  Her smiley faces are adorable and she loves to lean her head upon a knee for some nice ear scratches.  She gets especially excited about squirrels and other animals in the neighborhood!

Both girls are very playful and obviously very bonded to one another, and they also enjoy lots of love and petting after their walks!  They're very good at sitting and waiting for treats, too! ;)

We are so happy to have been able to spend so much time with these sweeties, and look forward to many more happy walks in the future!  Thank you, Zooey & Roxy!