About Us

Kindred Canine is a dog walking & pet sitting business serving the western Denver Metro area of Colorado since 2014. We are a Force-Free, Positive Reinforcement pet care company with a passion for the humane care of your pets! We offer regular dog walk and pet sitting services customized to your pet's needs! 

Philosophically, we are aligned with the position statements of the Pet Professional Guild and have taken a force-free pledge to never use harsh or aversive handling methods with your pets. We support evidence-based and scientifically researched methods of training, and trainers such as Emily LarlhamPat MillerDr. Ian Dunbar, and Patricia McConnell, among others.  

We love walking dogs on ergonomic harnesses! Learn about our favorites at the Whole Dog Journal, here. Due to our force-free pledge, we are happy to walk pets wearing buckle collars or harnesses, but prefer not to walk dogs with aversive training tools such as prong or e-collars (feel free to ask us why and we'll send you some scientific articles!).