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Kindred Canine is a dog walking & pet sitting business serving the Denver Metro area of Colorado since 2014. We are a Force-Free, Positive Reinforcement pet care company with a passion for the humane care of your pets! We offer regular dog walk and pet sitting services customized to your pet's needs! 

Philosophically, we are aligned with the position statements of the Pet Professional Guild and have taken a force-free pledge to never use harsh or aversive handling methods with your pets. We support evidence-based and scientifically researched methods of training, and trainers such as Emily LarlhamPat MillerDr. Ian Dunbar, and Patricia McConnell, among others.  

We love walking dogs on ergonomic harnesses! Learn about our favorites at the Whole Dog Journal, here. Due to our force-free pledge, we are happy to walk pets wearing buckle collars or harnesses, but do not offer walks with aversive training tools such as prong or e-collars. We appreciate your understanding! "No shock, No pain, No choke, No fear, No physical force, No compulsion based methods are employed to train or care for a pet." --Pet Professional Guild Guiding Principles

Our Team!

 Buttons and her human, Hayley

Buttons and her human, Hayley


Owner, Dog Trainer/Walker & Pet Sitter

Having grown up with lots of pets, caring for them is second nature for Hayley. She obtained a dog training certification through Penn Foster Career College as a Dog Obedience Trainer/Instructor in May of 2008. She is certified by the American Red Cross (2002) and PetTech (2014) in Pet First Aid & CPR, and has a bachelor degree in Biology from Metropolitan State University of Denver (2016). 

In 2008, she started conducting private dog training sessions.  She also became the lead dog trainer for the CHAMPS program at MaxFund No-Kill Animal Adoption Center in Denver from 2009-2013. By 2012 pet sitting and dog walking had become a side passion until it became a full-fledged career in 2013.

Hayley enjoys hanging out with and training her own dogs, cats and chickens and also spends her free time bicycling, practicing yoga, and tending to her microfarm.

 Jacqueline working with an owl at AWARE.

Jacqueline working with an owl at AWARE.


Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Jacqueline's love of animals led her to working with animals in a variety of ways, including as a veterinary technician at a veterinary practice in her hometown in Georgia, and as a volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation center: Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort (AWARE), working with and rehabilitating a variety of wild animals.

She recently relocated to Denver with her cat, Jo. She dreams of someday owning an Italian Greyhound.

She's excited for the opportunity to work with animals in a more relaxed environment and to gain trust and establish long term friendships with as many Denver dogs and cats as she can!